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2022 Central Ave. Great Falls, MT 59401

Open Door desires to help the community to become healthy mentally, physically and spiritually.
We invite you to join us to reach those in need.
Mental Health
Faith based counseling for families and individuals.


You are amazing, you are helpful, you care! About everyone and everything in your life, but neglect you!
You may even feel like taking care of you is wrong, or even that you are not worth the investment.
You may feel overwhelmed or even like you have the world by the tail! Either way we have something in our newsletter for you!
“Delivery if King” it’s not always what we say, but how it is said!
Each week, and at times with special editions we want to help you learn to be the best you!
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Open Door Wellness Center

Open Door Wellness Center offers faith-based mental health counseling and primary care to people and families in Great Falls, Montana. The team of doctors and mental health professionals pride themselves on providing family-centered care that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. 

Offering primary health care and mental health care under the same roof benefits all patients. The providers work together as a team to collaborate on personalized care that helps patients achieve mental and physical well-being.

Faith-based counseling, family counseling, and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapy help patients struggling with anxiety and depression. Because Open Door Wellness Center has a primary care approach, patients also get help managing chronic health conditions like diabetes or heart disease. The practice also offers annual physicals and specialized DOT physicals (department of transportation physicals). 

Reach out today to Open Door Wellness Center to benefit from their holistic, compassionate, and faith-based care. Call today or use this website to schedule an appointment online.

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Our mission

To produce whole people, that will create whole families, generating whole communities collectively working toward hope in truth
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This book will be a stand alone book for growth, or the perfect partner to a therapeutic journey! Many years of research and trial and error have gone into helping us produce a timeline and goal setting process all in effort to set you up for the greatest level of success, if you are in therapy pick it up! If not grab it and see how it can assist you in journaling your journey through life!  
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Open Door Wellness Center
2022 Central Ave,
Great Falls, MT 59401
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