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Marriage Counseling services offered in Great Falls, MT

Every marriage faces challenges that can be difficult to navigate without proper guidance. At Open Door Wellness Center in Great Falls, Montana, the experienced mental health care team provides family-centered marriage counseling that focuses on improving your relationship with one another and as individuals. Call the clinic today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about marriage counseling.

Marriage Counseling Q&A

What is marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling is a form of therapy that focuses on resolving conflict and improving communication between two people in a romantic relationship. Married or not, many couples face challenges that are difficult to resolve on their own. Marriage counseling can help couples find common ground, develop problem-solving strategies, and communicate in a healthy way.

With a team of experienced marriage counselors, Open Door Wellness Center can help strengthen your relationship as a couple and as individuals. The techniques and strategies the team uses give you the tools you need to solve short-term and long-term issues in your relationship.

How does marriage counseling work?

Marriage counseling is not a one-size-fits-all approach. A plan typically involves a combination of individual and couples therapy.

Most couples seek marriage counseling when they experience an obstacle in their relationship that they struggle to navigate. The goal of counseling is to identify this challenge, give you the tools to overcome it, and help you resolve similar conflicts in the future. 

Your marriage counselor at Open Door Wellness Center typically starts by getting to know you as a couple. They ask detailed questions about your relationship, family life, careers, and upbringing. They also connect with you as individuals through one-on-one sessions. These visits allow your counselor to gain full insight into your marriage from both perspectives.

While marriage counseling is typically short-term — about 12 to 20 sessions in most cases — the tools you receive during therapy can strengthen your marriage as you grow.

Why might I need marriage counseling?

Nearly any relationship can benefit from marriage counseling. Along with helping you resolve conflict, marriage counseling gives you tools and strategies to strengthen your relationship. Many couples seek marriage counseling when they:

  • Are frequently arguing 
  • Can’t communicate clearly
  • Are coping with loss
  • Experience financial turmoil
  • Have conflicting parenting styles
  • Struggle with intimacy
  • Have been unfaithful

No problem is too small for marriage counseling. Your experienced counselor at Open Door Wellness Center helps you improve your day-to-day communication and deal with deeper relationship issues.

Call Open Door Wellness Center today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about marriage counseling.

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