Open Door Wellness Center

Faith Based, Family Centered Care Focusing on the Mind, Body and Spirit
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Mental Health

Faith based counseling for families and individuals.

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Medical Care

Family-centered and gospel-centered holistic medicine.

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Massage Therapy

Neural reset therapy, deep tissue, and swedish massage.

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Our Vision

To produce whole people, that will create whole families, generating whole communities collectively working toward hope in truth.

In life, there are many things that will grab our attention/passion/heart, and thus move us toward action. We feel that bridging the gap between mental health and faith communities is one of those passions for us! There has been, in the past, a great deal of misunderstanding coming from both sides. We desire to help the two co-exist and in the end, complement one another in a powerful way. We have seen both the faith communities and mental health community bring healing, and we believe that, together, this can be multiplied exponentially!

In addition to our work bridging the gap with the spiritual and mental health, another area of great passion is unity in the family. While not the most popular and romantic thoughts, a family is a business. As with any business, if that business doesn’t handle the inner workings of their business well, they go out of business. Research studies for decades have shown that in unity, people excel. With family business taking up a lion’s share of our daily lives, it is our goal to help families handle their business and have their home become the place of peace we all desire it to be!

Boss Of The Year Joshua Holloway

“Happy Boss’s Day! The nominations we received for our Boss of the Year award reinforced our view that Great Falls has world-class leadership – right here. Our 2020 Boss of the Year goes to Joshua Holloway – Open Door Wellness Center.

Josh ensures that everyone on his team is taken care of in and out of work – recognizing the importance of the whole-person approach to life. Open Door Wellness Center offers faith-based therapy and financial counseling. He makes sure that they practice what they teach. With 10 employees, the comments of how Josh provides stability in the workplace, flexibility, promotes self-care, pays wages that make employees feel valued, and continually encourages and provides support to his staff were clear evidence of why he is receiving this award.

Drop a note to Open Door Wellness Center to congratulate Josh on winning this award. And, check out their website to see what they can offer you for support for yourself and your family.

Congratulations, Josh!” -Great Falls Chamber