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Psychotherapy services offered in Great Falls, MT

Emotional turmoil and mental health challenges are far more common than most people think, and psychotherapy offers a way to meet those needs. At Open Door Wellness Center in Great Falls, Montana, the experts help people find ways to move through challenges with greater resilience and stability. Book your visit today online or by phone to learn more. 

Psychotherapy Q&A

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a form of therapy often referred to as “talk therapy.” There are many different approaches to psychotherapy and a fit for virtually every set of needs. 

One of the most common forms of psychotherapy is called cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. This approach helps you identify thought patterns that are ineffective or harmful, then learn how to replace those thoughts with more positive and functional thoughts and behaviors. 

Interpersonal therapy is also common. This form of psychotherapy focuses on addressing specific issues like problems at work, conflict with others, or unresolved grief. Interpersonal therapy is usually a short-term experience. 

Your practitioner begins by listening to your concerns and learning more about what you hope to achieve from therapy before embarking on a form of psychotherapy. 

What kinds of issues can psychotherapy help with?

Psychotherapy is a versatile treatment approach that offers help with a wide range of mental health and emotional issues. Some of the concerns that psychotherapy can help you work through include:

  • Losing a loved one
  • Suffering the effects of domestic violence
  • Recovering from a traumatic injury 
  • Processing the aftermath of a natural disaster
  • Recovering from an eating disorder
  • Coping with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Virtually everyone can benefit from psychotherapy at one point in their lives or another. The practitioners at Open Door Wellness Center bring a wealth of training and experience to their roles as therapists and enjoy assisting people as they enhance their quality of life. 

How can I find a great therapist?

Finding a wonderful therapist isn’t always easy. One of the most important things to look for when shopping for a therapist is a communication style similar to or compatible with your own. 

Psychotherapy relies on open, honest, and trusting communication with your therapist. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your innermost thoughts and worries with your practitioner, your results will be limited. 

It’s also important to look for someone who is a great listener. You should feel that your concerns and ideas are heard and acknowledged during your visits. There should never be a feeling of being rushed or ignored. 

If you’re thinking of giving psychotherapy a try, or are searching for a new therapist, schedule a time to meet the team at Open Door Wellness Clinic. Online booking is an option, or you can always reach the practice by phone.

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