Gratefulness: Being Grateful in Uncertain Times.

Nov 04, 2020
Is there health and healing, really? What does life look like when you have my stress? What do we do when we don’t have enough? Can a person really change? How do I make it through another holiday season?

Another month down in the books! This month we talked about Mental Health Awareness, Halloween, Fall pruning, and future plans.

We have had quite the year folks! And this year is not over yet! We have seen unprecedented times in our world, not that our world has not seen its share of difficulty in the past. However, remember that we are all here together! I just want to ask you what kind of “here” do you want?

I challenge you all to think about what you want our future to look like, and what your part in making that future happen could be. We all have a part to play! So, these next few months as we begin to work toward 2021, let’s all look at how we can bring change, and PLEASE do not throw the baby out with the bathwater! While we as a people have gotten many things right, we have also gotten some wrong. The ones we got wrong we typically did so in ‘Babe Ruth out of the park’ style!

I say all of that to point us toward this next month! November! A month where we take time to focus on thankfulness, and gratefulness. We have a few holidays coming up this month and they are honestly two of my favorite: Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving. 

Look at improving our world and yourself. We can all shift our mental and physical health drastically by implementing thankfulness and gratefulness. We will talk more about this in the coming month!

Finally, remember to ask your questions in the comments of our youtube video and or on Instagram/Facebook! We want to hear from you!

And above all, as always, remember that people are people! We all deserve to be treated as such! Love you all!