Don't Let Diabetes Sneak Up on You: Learn These 6 Early Signs

Oct 05, 2022
Don't Let Diabetes Sneak Up on You: Learn These 6 Early Signs
Diabetes is a dangerous condition affecting millions that can lead to harmful complications without treatment. In order to prevent dealing with the problems diabetes can bring, it’s important to know the signs to look for.

 Diabetes is a very common disease. In fact, over 37 million people in the United States have it (with one in five not even being aware) and 96 million are on the verge of having it, with a condition known as prediabetes (with eight in ten people not knowing they have it). 

This is a disease that affects your blood glucose, which provides your cells the fuel they need to function. This chemical comes from the foods you eat, and if your body has too much, it leads to diabetes and the risk of complications like cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, and diabetic neuropathy and retinopathy. 

Preventing diabetes is possible, if you know what signs to look for. Let’s explore this by examining what the condition is, and what early symptoms to watch out for.

Residents of the Great Falls, Montana area dealing with the early signs of diabetes can find help with the team of medical care providers at Open Door Wellness Center

Understanding diabetes

When blood sugar enters your bloodstream, it is regulated by the hormone insulin. Insulin, which is created in your pancreas, lets sugar enter into your cells and keeps it from reaching dangerous levels in your blood. 

When your body reaches a point when it is taking in more blood glucose than the insulin can manage, the overabundance of blood sugar leads to a condition known as hyperglycemia — and if nothing is done to reduce those levels, you get diabetes. 

Early signs to look for

The chronic hyperglycemia that leads to diabetes can cause immune system dysfunctions and increase the risks of infectious diseases, and early signs may include:

Increased thirst and frequent urination

Diabetic thirst is one of the first signs of the condition. It arises due to high sugar levels forcing your body to work harder to expel excess sugar. Water is pulled from your body to remove extra sugar, and as your body expels more urine, you feel thirsty more often.  

Increased hunger

Food consumption raises blood sugar, and with diabetes your body is incapable of processing it properly. The excess glucose builds, leading to you feeling more hungry.

Numbness and tingling

Hyperglycemia damages your nerves with a condition called diabetic neuropathy. Numbness and tingling are early signs of a condition that can potentially do a lot more damage if left unchecked. 


The fluctuation of blood sugar associated with diabetes affects your energy levels, leading to feeling tired and listless.

Slow-healing wounds

If you have problems metabolizing glucose, it leads to problems with wound healing. This is because high blood sugar prevents nutrients from entering cells, compromises immune system functions, and increases inflammation.

Weight fluctuation 

With diabetes, your body needs an energy source because it’s not getting it from your blood sugar. To compensate, it resorts to burning fat and muscle, resulting in sudden weight loss.

If we catch the disease early, we have better options for managing the condition. So if you’ve noticed these signs, make an appointment with the team at Open Door Wellness Center today for diagnosis and treatment.