Frequently Asked Questions

Do you read minds?
(Many of our younger patients have asked this) Our goal is to listen well and help you find the answers you already have.

Does therapy actually work?
Absolutely. Like any process, what you put in often influences what you get out. Therapy in the office lasts an hour. For the patient, it lasts every hour of every week.

Will insurance cover my therapy?
On average most major medical insurers today have some sort of coverage for mental health services. This can vary significantly from plan to plan, even those by the same insurer. Keep in mind that many plans do have a copay or coinsurance, and these are due at the time of service. Please do your due diligence to ensure you are familiar with what your plan covers. We are here to help with this, as insurance can be a bear. However, this ultimately is on you to ensure you utilize your coverage to the best of your ability. We want you to get the most of what you already pay for, thus we have a team that specializes in coding and billing to get you the best coverage your specific plan allows.

How does marriage/couples therapy work?
We have a unique approach to therapy and believe that a team provides the best care possible. We believe in the old adage and African Proverb “it takes a village”. We meet with couples together and separately, so each person of the couple will have their therapist and support. Our goal is to bring everyone together and give everyone a voice.

How long will the process take?
Therapy – This one is asked a lot. We are a society that is eternally busy (which may very well be a part of the problem). The process will be slower than we want. We like to say “glacially slow”. However, like a glacier leaves a lasting mark on the environment, therapy should leave a lasting mark on your life. Living in Montana we can all agree that glaciers produce beauty. Therapy should help you reconnect with those values that produce peace and beauty in your life.

What insurances do you take?
Therapy – We accept most major medical, please call our office with any questions you may have.

How do I schedule an appointment?
For all our services – This is a question that is often asked. We have an office assistant who handles all scheduling, whether or not this has been discussed with your personal therapist. Please communicate with our Office Assistant, as she is the most informed person in the scheduling process! Really, 2 people running a schedule is a bad thing! Thanks!

What do I need to do before my first appointment?
Therapy – We have a welcome pack that is sent via email, and e-signed. We utilize EMRs (electronic medical records), so we require everyone to fill this out online. If this is not done before your first appointment, our staff will help you with this, but this will take time out of your appointment. Please help us with this online paperwork as it must be filled out prior to rendering services. Also, this is a process that is updated every 90 days to 6 months dependent upon insurance stability and requirement.

How much are your services if you pay cash and do not have insurance?
Therapy – We do offer a sliding scale dependent upon income, and our biller will help you get set up with that.

Do you have a Notice of Privacy Practices?
Our privacy practices are displayed in the office, can be requested at any time, and can be seen here: Notice of Privacy Practices