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Many things have inspired us along our journey to becoming a clinic. Much of which has been rooted in our own personal journeys. We all have pain, and we hope to help everyone become comfortable in their pain, not to run from it! Becoming a high functioning man or woman is not about avoidance of pain, however, it is rooted in perseverance and self-honesty in everyday life.

We want to avoid all the psychobabble here in explaining our theoretical approach to mental healthcare. We desire to help each person achieve his or her personal best. We utilize several different theoretical orientations, dependent upon the therapist and his or her specialty. All of which however are research-based, and as always we strive to stay on the cutting edge of our disciplines. With a multi-specialty team, we believe that we are holistic beings and as such we cannot fully separate mind/body/spirit, thus we incorporate all aspects in our collaborative approach to care. All in all, we should all always be learning, ourselves included.


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