Many things have inspired my journey to becoming a therapist. Much of which has been rooted in my personal journey. We all have pain, and I hope to help everyone become comfortable in their pain, not to run from it! Becoming a high functioning man or woman is not about avoidance of pain, however it is rooted in perseverance and self-honesty in everyday life.

I want to avoid all the psychobabble here in explaining my theoretical approach to mental healthcare. I desire to help each person achieve his or her personal best. This from experience and research-backed science is rooted in helping the individual, family, or group seeking care to ultimately operate in the present. Operating in the present and moving toward personal goals established collaboratively in therapy help us move forward together! All in all, we should always be learning, myself included.

“We will always have problems, in our therapeutic process let’s move forward toward new problems! New problems equal progress”!