Melonie Parmley, DO

Primary Care Physician & Holistic Medicine in Great Falls, MT

Melonie Parmley
About Melonie Parmley

Melonie Parmley, DO, is a highly skilled osteopathic doctor serving patients at Open Door Wellness Center in Great Falls, Montana.

Growing up in a church setting, Dr. Parmley learned to love God, although she did not grasp the full measure of the Gospel. By her early teens, Dr. Parmley felt a strong calling to the nations but did not understand exactly how or what that would look like (and if she's being honest, God is still revealing this to her). 

As a senior in high school, she developed a strong desire to study the human body and started on the path to studying medicine. This path would eventually lead to sin, redemption, deliverance, and freedom. Through everything, the Lord was faithful even when she was not. This enlightened a new understanding of the Gospel and ignited in her a resurrection of the original calling to the nations. 

Dr. Parmley's passion is building a church that understands and operates in the full measure of the Gospel and raising up the children of God. She desires to bring the Gospel and medicine into one accord since all healing is from the Lord.