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Organization is important!

By September 21, 2020November 20th, 2020Uncategorized

Organization! Well, now there is a topic! This is something that I have processed in many different ways throughout each and every stage of my life. Whether this was in the exciting days of school shopping, and just praying that mom and dad would let me get the “5 Star binder” (goodness those were pricey), or my wife describing fawning over the newest Lisa Frank!

There is just that pull… you know the one! The pull that makes us feel as if there is a way that we can be better at something. At anything. At the core, that “getting better at” almost always involves organization! The organization either in the development or execution of an idea. All ideas take the organization.

You may think that there is no way for you or your loved one to get organized, and truthfully, getting this done alone is almost assuredly going to lead to failure. However, having a person in your corner will help your chances of success skyrocket! You can be the person to help someone organize themselves for success. This is why we believe so strongly in a TEAM!

Here is the cool thing! We all have a level of ability in the area of organization. What would have been impossible for us before is possible once we have accomplished it! Whether it is our kids, friends, or even the coworker that is trying to sort out their TPS reports, they can all be supported by you once you know how to accomplish a task.

When your little one starts their journey of organization, it is so difficult. Please never lose or forget that everything is hard until it is not. All of us have experienced that same difficulty. But, once we overcome a task, many of us forget the difficulty that we had. We end up laying unfair/unrealistic expectations on those we love, supervise, or even just spend time around. I have been, and still am, at times, guilty of forgetting how hard something was!

So if you can read this (and possibly even if you can’t), you can help someone who is just behind where you are in this crazy life journey! I challenge you to find that person that you can help, and the person that can help you! At Open Door, we call these mentors and peers (more exciting stuff on this to come!).

Action Steps:

  1. Acknowledge we can all help someone!
  2. Help that person!
  3. Set a goal to better yourself in a specific area!
  4. Get a person to help you that has that down!
  5. And never… never… belittle a person for having a hard time, always know that something is difficult literally until the point it isn’t! That goes for everything, from putting away our toys, to running a family or a business! 

Thank you all! Blessings!