Mental Health Awareness Week: “Address the MESS”!

By October 8, 2020October 14th, 2020Blog

This one was hard to write folks! Not only because of the nature of the topic but also because of the personal impact I have seen in my life; both personal and professional.

Take a second. Think through 4 of your closest friends and family. People you love. Odds are 1 in 4 of your closest loved ones will at some point be personally diagnosed with a mental illness. Now I am not a betting man, but wow those are good odds! Now let’s face it, getting diagnosed with mental illness is not winning the lottery, but it also isn’t the detrimental thing that we often make it out to be.

The difference between detrimental and instrumental is… HOPE!

You are and can be that HOPE, and with 1 in 4 odds there is a very large chance that you will be called upon to be just that… hope! I challenge us all to take up that mantle and to help carry those in our lives who need a hand. Today is the day that you can start, just look for the opportunity!

Life is a struggle and these struggles go on all around us. It is in that struggle that we find the truth in humanity; humans all have weaknesses. I challenge us to see weaknesses differently than so many of us do! I challenge us to see “awareness” of our weakness as a sign of true strength. We can start to help those around us by simply owning our weaknesses. Ownership and action addressing our struggles allow us to be an anchor point to those around us in need. On the other side of that coin, hiding our weakness only makes us unapproachable and unrelatable.

Getting help is not a weakness; prevention is king. Getting an oil change is much simpler than replacing an engine. Truth be told if you don’t change your oil you will end up changing the engine. Here is the real funny thing… After you change the engine you still have to change the oil! We don’t have an option for an engine swap folks! We get one body, one mind!

Like we mention in the video, prevention is key! We will all need an oil change, and at times through different circumstances, we will need an overhaul! To do any of that well we need a team! Remember 3 things daily, put them into practice, and start changing lives and oil (better french fries, and a happier car, everybody wins) lol! Let’s be a team!

1) We are better together!
2) People are people.
3) Prevention is king! Address the mess!