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Veterans Day: How to Honor a Veteran.

By November 11, 2020November 19th, 2020Blog

How do you honor a Veteran? Do they want to talk? Will I understand or offend them if I ask for a story? 

Boiled down, it comes down to 1 thing: RESPECT. 

Men and women who have served are immersed in a world that is inundated with respect. While respect may be something that is foreign to many young people who enlist or commission into the armed forces, it is quickly taught and reinforced that it is the new normal. 

Respect is one of the main differences in a young man or woman’s success in the armed forces, and I would argue the key to success in everyday life. So much so that there are many countries that require military conscription or mandatory military service. I ask this, what if we all were veterans?

Many times we revere and even stand in awe of a soldier that has served with honor and sacrifice for our freedom. Every man and woman who has served has sacrificed. Some give much more than others, and some give all. Memorial Day is another day we remember those who gave all.

The truth is, none of us would be here today if it were not for men and women who have served. Everyone that has served has a story. How you approach that man or woman will in turn dictate what you will or won’t get out of that interaction. Approach with no expectation, and most certainly, approach with respect. 

Take a Veteran in your life for a cup of coffee, and come ready to listen. These men and women do love people, it is that love that called and directed that young pup to join up in the first place. When joining, each and every person has to make the decision, right there, that they are willing to give it all; not all are called to give it all, but all are called to be willing. 

Spend time listening to him or her. Don’t go in expecting specific stories or details. Do go in expecting the connection to change your perspective if you have never served!

As for my fellow VETERANS out there! Brother’s and Sister’s, if you need to talk, or have any struggle, any at all, we are here for you! AT NO COST! We will work closely with the VA so you don’t have to. Every veteran deserves help after helping so many and to enjoy this life we live in today! Reach out and we will get you in! 

You all ROCK!