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Gratefulness: Being Grateful in Uncertain Times.

By November 4, 2020November 19th, 2020Uncategorized

Is there health and healing, really? What does life look like when you have my stress? What do we do when we don’t have enough? Can a person really change? How do I make it through another holiday season?

These are all questions that have recently come up. These are all real questions and questions that have real validity. Any of us can find ourselves asking these questions, either internally or externally. These questions internally can become a crippling repetitive dialog of judgment and shame. 

How can you combat these things and many others? With gratefulness. 

At first glance, any of us could look at our lives and find glaring reasons to not be grateful. We could find areas of struggle. One thing for sure is that we take inventory of these perceived shortcomings naturally. Today’s challenge is short and sweet (but work!).

Please go around your whole home, life, workspace. 

Take inventory of all your stuff. Really! Write it down, ALL of it! Then, take some time and reflect on your list. Share with us what you learned and you can have a coffee on me! Come up to our office and get a card or post on our media and let the staff know! We WILL get you a coffee, and you will have earned it! 

Next will be that infamous relationship inventory! 

Be blessed and let’s hear from you on what an inventory showed you!  

More to come on this!