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End of the month wrap-up

By September 28, 2020November 20th, 2020Uncategorized

Month ONE wrap!

Super excited! So blessed! This blog is a step into the future here at Open Door Wellness Center. It is a tool that we personally hope helps us all think about the way that we interact with the world around us, particularly the people in that world! 

This month we hit:

Back to school: This is such an exciting time. The joy of new, and even how we all come together to learn and grow!

Suicide prevention: The pain and tragic nature connected to a struggle that becomes so dire that there is no apparent way out, but that doesn’t have to be the end, we can be the light that brings a person hope! All we have to do is give our time and listen! Getting someone to the help they need and being a part of their team!

Bullying: How there is a change and empowerment that can occur on both sides of that coin with the proper help!

Organization: Knowing that we can all improve, and all help those one step behind and get help from someone one step ahead! ALL, and I mean ALL lasting change requires us to grow in our organization skills!


Next Month! The exciting topics that are coming address many things and will have a weekly video series that will help us to understand these things deeper and think more in-depth! I am so blessed to have our team here and I am excited to start our Monthly Holiday Giveaways!!!

So please stay tuned in here and help us continue to be able to be a help to everyone we come in contact with! Remember you can be a person that changes a life each and every day! Thanks!